Neighborhood Development Center's Neighborhood Academy

Alumni Library Class Project

How we'll implement it

  1. Register to the web-based Project Discussion Area and Project Journal (requires login, so you have to be a registered participant).

  2. Fill our Asset Mapping Worksheets:

    • Your skills;
    • Your affiliations and any relevant community contacts you may have;
    • Descriptions of projects you successfully completed or neighborhood issues you resolved (includes a list of required skills and lessons learned); and, if applicable,
    • Description of your current project.

  3. We will create a web-based Assets Database:

    • Your name and Affiliations;
    • Our collective skills;
    • Categories for types of community projects and neighborhood issues;
    • Resources for the different project and issue categories (How-To's, FAQs, Neighborhood Academy handouts, etc.); and,
    • Links to participants' prior experiences with the types of projects and issues.

  4. You will make additions and/or corrections to the Assets Database (this will be ongoing, as you acquire new skills and experiences).

  5. You will participate in polls, discussions and journaling of the Assets Mapping process, helping to design the interface and the actual end result.

  6. We will create a Home Page for the Class Project (this will be the acid test, either it helps us to collaborate or we'll find out why it doesn't!)

  7. We will continue to use the Alumni Library for our work in our communities, helping the Library to grow and be a showcase for community projects collaboration.

  8. If it is hugely successful, we may seek funding to pay for upkeep and expansion.

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