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Alumni Library Class Project

What It Is
  1. A demonstration of using the "Asset-Based Community Development" model, as taught at the Neighborhood Academy, for leveraging a group's Knowledge Assets

    Knowledge Assets are the intangibles, the group mind, what we know and sometimes don't know we know. They include experiences, hard-won wisdom and gotcha's, as well as the various relationships we have established with experts and volunteers through working in our communities.

    The Cardea-Liznet.net home page has links to resources that deal with the "Asset-Based Community Development" models where you can get more background on what it is and how it works.

  2. A resource for your community projects enabling you to call on information and advice from people you already know and trust

    We'll have a website where we can quickly and easily find materials from previous classes. We will be able to use the web to contact past classmates, see what projects they're working on, consult with them, ask for a project critique, or volunteer to help them with their own projects. We will also be building a bridge between neighborhood associations who otherwise might not know of each other's existence. Hopefully this will pave the road for future collaborations among the various communities in our town.

  3. An attempt to maintain and utilize the synergistic relationships which tend to develop in the Neighborhood Academy Classes

    Each Neighborhood Academy Unit brings together leaders from our communities, and I've found it a source of great joy to meet and work with these people. They're people who give up their own time to work in their neighborhoods, to come to class, improve their skills and share what they've learned. Alas, at the end of the unit, we all go back to our own neighborhoods and until now there has been no way to keep in touch and keep sharing what we know.

  4. A gift for the Neighborhood Development Center, an ongoing Class Project to demonstrate the contributions the Academy students continue to make to their communities

    This part has some technical implications. Rather than being installed on the city-owned NDC website, The Library is privately hosted.

    This is a class project, initiated and carried out by the class attendees, rather than under the auspices of the Neighborhood Development Center. It is a gift, from our class, to the Center.

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