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Alumni Library Class Project

How To Use It

  1. Log in to identify your class membership and additional affiliations.

  2. Enter/select a community project or issue.

  3. Web page will then display:

    • Links to FAQs and how to’s, including lists of required core competencies (skill sets). Where possible, these documents will be available for downloading as well as for web browser display and printing

    • Any applicable (annotated, when available) Class Handouts for downloading or printing out

    • A list of people already known to you (from Neighborhood Academy class or through prior collaboration) who have an applicable core competency and/or a demonstrated success with a similar project or issue

    • A link to a list of additional registered alumni who have such competencies or successes but who are not yet known to you

      Where available, each description of a successful project completion or issue resolution includes links to:

      • Project/issue Journal or description
      • Lessons learned / criteria for success
      • Project showcase and photo gallery
      • Archive of the Discussion Board where the project was worked on

    • A link to an appropriate discussion area on the Discussion Board

  4. View the descriptive material for listed successful projects.

  5. Select which people you wish to invite to collaborate (usually based on their skills or their role in projects or issues most similar to yours) by adding a check mark in the box next to their name(s).

  6. Post a description of your project or issue to the Discussion Board.

  7. The selected collaborators will be invited by an automated email, with a link to your Project/issue description on the Discussion Board. They can then comment on your project, offer their expertise, recommend additional resources or contacts, sign up to collaborate, etc.

    NDC staff or volunteers will monitor the Discussion Board and provide advice when appropriate.

  8. Register the project and be entitled to:

    • Project Home Page

    • Project Journal with log-ins for multiple authors

    • Project Discussion Board for discussions, collaboration and planning, including online Voting / Polls

    • Project Calendar

    • Electronic Mail List for communicating with the members of your community, archived on the web

    • Web-based forms for documenting the project/issue resolution, including Lessons Learned

    • Project filing cabinet, including annotation of class handouts and other documents
    • Project resource reference / shared address book (with annotation)

    • Project Showcase and Photogallery

    • Link to the project from the NDC web page

  9. Recruit volunteers.

  10. Develop a project plan.

  11. Post the plan to your Project Home Page.

  12. Update the Project Calendar.

  13. Check in often on your Project Discussion Board for critiques and comments from your classmates and NDC staff and volunteers.

  14. Keep in touch with your community through your Project Home Page, Calendar, Journal and Mail List.

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